Founded by António Serafim, Ciclo Fapril started its activity in 1965 satisfying the supply needs of ​​bicycles and motorcycles in Portugal. In the 1970s the automotive sector emerged and quickly evolved into other sectors always supplying metal components.

Today, the flexibility and diversity of solutions we can offer are the key factors to our critical success: Full customer satisfaction, based on pricing, quality and deadlines.

We thank all those who made it possible for the future of the company to be viewed with great optimism.

Present Day

Ciclo Fapril is a company dedicated to the manufacture of welded metal components, based on sheet metal stamping / bending, tube / wire cutting / bending, and turning / mechanization.

The search for new paths, innovative solutions and alternative concepts for the benefit of its customers is a strong tradition at Ciclo Fapril, making it the prime goal of the company's development.

Today, with over 54 years of experience, innovation, dynamism, flexibility, dedication, information, proximity, partnership, quality, service, performance and excellence are our realities.


  • France40%
  • Spain20%
  • Germany17%
  • Portugal6%
  • England5%
  • Italy3%
  • Denmark2%
  • EUA1%
  • China1%
  • Brazil1%
  • Czech Republic1%
  • Netherlands1%
  • Mexico1%
  • Turkey1%